At the start of the year in January 2012, Heather Goff made a resolution of sorts. She decided to return to something she loved that had taken a back seat to the raising of a family and the myriad tasks that can eat up a day. Ms. Goff missed drawing, which had once been a major part of her life. But she didn’t just tell herself to go draw more, knowing that a vague direction wouldn’t amount to much. Instead, she vowed to do a drawing each day and post the result on the internet. It was a way of using the public sphere to hold herself accountable.

She named the enterprise the Daily Sketches.

The results were far from mere sketches, though. Her intricate drawings are done directly on the computer, and they are always propelled by a mood. Perhaps this is because she creates them at the end of the day after her work helping everybody else had been completed.

“The ritual of drawing every evening has become a balm, a meditation, a way for me to process the day and massage something deep inside myself,” she writes on her website.

Saturday, Nov. 22, will be Ms. Goff’s official coming out party at the A Gallery in Oak Bluffs. Although her work has been in the public sphere via the internet, this will be her first exhibit in a gallery. Her Daily Sketches will be represented as will several limited edition archival prints.

The opening reception is from 5 to 7 p.m. and will also feature A Gallery artists such as Rez Williams, Irving Petlin, Mariana Cook, Doug Kent, Stella Waitzkin, Christopher Wright, Alejandro Carreño, and many others. The exhibit will continue through Nov. 30.

The A Gallery is located at 8 Uncas avenue, Oak Bluffs. For more information, visit and