After a dry summer that led to a drought advisory, November was a rainy month — the wettest month of the year so far, and the second rainiest November since at least 1946.

The National Weather Service cooperative station in Edgartown recorded 8.61 inches of rainfall in November. The second wettest month this year was March with 6.88 inches of precipitation.

The Vineyard received more rainfall last month than August, September and October combined. In late October, the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency issued a drought advisory following months of dry weather. Less than half the normal amount of rainfall was recorded in August and September.

The Northeast Climatic Center in Ithaca keeps track of all the weather numbers coming from Edgartown going back to 1946. They reported that this was the second wettest November on record for Edgartown. You have to go back to 1988 to find a November with more rain; that year there was a total of 8.71 inches.

With one more month to go to finish the year, the Vineyard has now received 39.73 inches of precipitation. The Island’s annual precipitation average is 46.94 inches.