Most authors have to wait decades for their first book launch. But for students at the Chilmark School, the public charter school, and the regional high school, that milestone took place Friday afternoon.

I Will Save You!, a 65-page volume devoted to the Gay Head Light, features drawings, poems, and short stories by 60 students. It arrives in Island bookstores on Monday, and proceeds from sales of the $20 book will go towards the lighthouse effort.

Fan Ogilvie reveals first copies of I Will Save You! — Ivy Ashe

Last year, lighthouse keeper Richard Skidmore and poet Fan Ogilvie visited classrooms at the three schools, explaining the history of the red-brick lighthouse at the tip of the Island from its beginnings in 1799 to its current precarious state. The lighthouse must be moved from its current spot on the Gay Head Cliffs to a site where it is not vulnerable to the forces of erosion, which is taking its toll on the cliffs. Mr. Skidmore said that groundbreaking for the new site is expected to take place in about two weeks.

A campaign to raise funds for the lighthouse project has been ongoing since 2013 and has taken many forms, from Community Preservation Act funding to a 10K race around Aquinnah.

“That’s what it takes to move a lighthouse, and you’re part of that,” Mr. Skidmore told the group of co-authors at a gathering Friday at Pathways Projects Institutes.

In place of champagne and hors d’oeuvres there were stacks of cookies and bags of popcorn, and the mood was one of anticipation as students and their families entered the brightly-lit space on State Road. It had been a long time since the students had seen the work they had provided for the latest effort to help save the Gay Head Light.

“This is a really exciting moment,” Mr. Skidmore said.

Rodeo Purves-Langer looks through his book. — Ivy Ashe

The authors received copies of books for free. Ms. Ogilvie lifted a cloth off a table at the front of the room to unveil the new books, adding a dramatic “Abracadabra!”

Meg Bodner, co-chair of the Save the Gay Head Light fundraising committee, thanked the students for their work and said that it was an inspiration to the entire committee.

“Because of you, the Gay Head Light will keep on shining, and all of you will keep on shining,” Ms. Bodner said.

Help from the Pathways program, founded by Marianne Goldberg to encourage the arts and creativity on the Island, provided funding for the printing and publishing of the book. I Will Save You! is printed on heavy paper at Ms. Goldberg’s suggestion, to “help us feel the weight of the drawings and the artwork, and the warmth of the emotions,” Mr. Skidmore said.

Students wait for the grand unveiling. The book was produced with help from Pathways. — Ivy Ashe

Janet Holladay at the Tisbury Printer worked with Mr. Skidmore and Ms. Ogilvie on the book design.

Some prose entries describe the lighthouse in poetic terms, evoking the cycles of its red and white beacon. Younger students used markers and crayons for their drawings, which are often accompanied by a beginning writer’s unsteady hand: I hope that the lighthouse won’t fall down. Donate money to the lighthouse!

Others incorporate hearts into the drawing, with a simple written message: I love you, lighthouse.

The cover features a bold marker drawing by Chilmark student Jakie Glasgow.

Jakie was first to come forward to pick up his book. He held it out to be photographed before returning to his seat, where he began to slowly turn its pages.