Dan Pashman is a scientist by nature, but not by degree. He thinks that if anyone sat down and stared at a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, they would uncover details that have been there all along, and come up with the collection of theories he came up with.

His book is called Eat More Better, and it spells out the precise ways in which a person can improve his or her eating experience. It’s written like a quest and after completion the knight in shining armor becomes an “Eater.” However, it can be read back to front, or opened to any one page at a time.

“I love to eat, and I’m obsessive by nature. Combine this, and this is the book you get,” Mr. Pashman said.

Mr. Pashman wrote the book in one year, but he says he’s been researching for 30 years. The idea began with his family’s love for eating, he said, and the way in which they would cherish each meal, many of which have been eaten on the Vineyard. Mr. Pashman’s parents now live full time in Vineyard Haven and he has been coming to the Island for 37 years.

In college, Mr. Pashman’s friends would mock him for artfully picking out each bite during an otherwise rushed dining hall meal. After college he worked for NPR and SiriusXM, and then a startup station. He launched countless shows, each of which were cancelled. During his work in politics and news, he always had a comedic spin, and tried to bring something new to the table. Literally.

Five or six years ago he created the podcast The Sporkful. It immediately became a huge hit. “It was the only good idea I had,” he said.

A precursor to his book, the podcast gives helpful tips on how to eat right. In a sense, he became a food Oprah. People call him with questions or arguments. Recently, a couple called him to settle their dispute over the correct way to eat a corn muffin.

“If you focus on what you’re eating and you’re mindful, everything you eat becomes more delicious,” Mr. Pashman said. He thinks that people overeat when they mindlessly eat.

Mr. Pashman thinks that his solution to the soggy underside of a grilled cheese sandwich is particularly life-changing. It’s called “Vertical Sandwich Plating.”

To find out what this means, read his book, or, better yet, head to the Bunch of Grapes bookstore on Sunday, August 16, at 4 p.m. where Mr. Pashman will hold a book signing, Q&A and Oreo tasting (to help illustrate the “Proximity Effect”) on Sunday.

All ages are encouraged to come, particularly kids between five and 12 years old.