Hundreds of friends, neighbors and art enthusiasts turned out Friday evening at the Chilmark community center for a benefit reception featuring the work of Douglas Kent. The West Tisbury artist has been slowed somewhat by an eye condition in recent years, but remains a passionate and prolific artist.

Early work often featured animals. — Steve Myrick

Much of the earlier work on display highlighted up-Island scenes, populated by whimsical animals and trees in magical light.

His new work, which attracted plenty of attention during the weekend benefit and show, is more larger and more abstract. A series called “mind travels” was inspired by the Buddhist principle of reincarnation, imagining what the mind sees on the journey to its next form.

Mr. Kent was buoyed by the number of people who attended the reception and the Saturday exhibition, and talked enthusiastically about the new direction in his painting.

He also expressed deep gratitude for the large number of red dots next to his paintings, signifying a sale. By the end of the Friday evening reception more than a dozen paintings and prints were sold, according to the event organizers.