On Monday, May 16, I attended the high school committee meeting. I went to listen to the discussion about the proposed installation of artificial grass sports fields. Also to experience the process, but mainly to support community members who want to keep natural grass on the sports fields.

A few, of many, questions I have for MV@play follow:

• Why if the current fields have not been maintained are you using their current condition as the reason we need artificial grass?

• Why would you think that people will want to come here, for tournaments, with the added time and expense involved? There are already great tournaments off-Island, centrally located at amazing sports complexes.

• Will this community project, apparently for and funded by the community, be constructed by the community and why not include us from the start?

• What are Gale Associates’ ties to the community?

I, like many members of this community applaud everything you are trying to accomplish. We all agree that we want what is best, in our minds, for our children.

I have watched my step-daughter, her friends and teammates play from mini-kickers up to current day MV United (U-18), high school soccer and ice hockey.

I have been at every game and tournament I possibly could. So just like yourselves, and many others, I am a supportive parent of a high school athlete. Our differences are that you want to put down artificial grass and I don’t. That’s fine. We all have different beliefs.

So to finish up, I do sincerely hope your dreams become reality. I also hope you will be respectful of other community members views.

I personally will be looking into possible natural grass options and the funding required. I will, however, not be supporting your project in any way, financially or otherwise.

Also after my experience at the meeting and the days following (the lies regarding the petitions, the conduct of members of the committee and disrespect to members of our community) there are also a number of other community organizations and businesses I will not be supporting.

Dave Miller
West Tisbury