MV@PLAY is a nonprofit organization which has been formed to provide a safe, state of the art and centrally-located facility to benefit all of the children on the Island who play sports. The issue of synthetic turf versus grass has been debated in a public forum twice in the past month. The high school committee has voted and phase one has been passed.

The facts are as follows: The fields will be playable in all weather conditions. Studies have shown that injuries are actually reduced on synthetic turf. Children will be able to play on the turf year round as opposed to one season per sport. These fields will be pesticide and fertilizer free. The organic infill consists of cork, sand and coconut husks. This turf does not affect the water table. MIAA has condemned the current track at the high school and the high school does not have the money to replace the track, which in essence means that there would be no track season at all next year. The high school athletic director and the school superintendent have fully supported this project.

As a mom of two children at the high school, I would just like to express my gratitude to MV@PLAY for their hard and dedication to the youth of the Island.

Kelly Hess