Here is a sampling of some recent and upcoming on-Island events:

• Environmental film festival.
• Native plant give-away to build habitat stepping stones for pollinators.
• Green burials workshop.
• MV Community Seed Library seedling swap.
• Exhibit celebrating the importance of youngsters, regenerative culture and Malama Honua (which means “to care for the planet”) aboard Hokule’a.
• Living Local festival focused on Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Can someone please then explain how the installation of three artificial turf athletic fields at the high school fits in with the conservation-oriented ideals that most of us Vineyarders hold dear?

I’m also wondering, if we are a true community, why some school committee members and school officials would be putting pressure on local boards not to weigh in on this critical issue when it is explicitly within their purview to do so?

As a former Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School school committee member (1985 to 1992), and the mother of four athletes who all played soccer through high school, (at least one of whom played in college and hated the turf fields), I can easily imagine many other scenarios to ensure our youth have athletic fields that are a pleasure to play on, and safe, for years to come.

I sincerely hope that our elected school officials will pause to look closely at all the options before going ahead with this ill-conceived plan.

Lynne Silva