President Obama stepped out of vacation mode briefly Monday to stump for Hillary Clinton at a private fundraiser in Chilmark.

The event was hosted by Hank and Carol Brown Goldberg at their home on Peaked Hill off Middle Road. Speaking for about 10 minutes, the President said while the first lady is strict about him actually taking a vacation when they are on vacation, he was there because it is “absolutely critical that we have a capable, hardworking, diligent, smart, tenacious leader in the Oval Office. And that’s Hillary Clinton. That’s who she is.”

He asked the crowd to keep working for the next 80 days, and noting younger people in the audience, urged them to volunteer.

Mr. Obama was introduced by Carol Brown Goldberg, who recalled attending a 2004 fundraiser “right across the meadow” at the home of Eli and Phyllis Segal.

The President thanked the Goldberg family and said he remembered the 2004 fundraiser. He paid tribute to Eli Segal, the businessman, philanthropist and politician who died in 2006, saying that his spirit lives on “in all of us.”

Wearing a light blue windowpane plaid shirt and khaki pants, Mr. Obama briefly mentioned Donald Trump, although not by name. “Frankly I’m tired of talking about her opponent,” he said, drawing applause.

Members of the press were invited to hear the President’s remarks but not the questions afterward. No photographs were allowed.

About 60 people attended, reportedly contributing $10,000, while hosts contributed $33,400.

As the press was led out, Mr. Obama could be heard praising the Vineyard weather. “We’ve got good weather, people. Whoever is in charge of the Vineyard weather, I want to thank you,” he said.