Forum on Race Relations Draws Full-House Crowd Into Old Whaling Church

With whispers that a hundred more were waiting outside, they filled the hall, charged with the anticipation of hearing the charismatic new voice of the Democratic Party, United States Senatorial candidate from Illinois, Barack Obama, and listening as a panel of luminaries offered their views on Brown vs. Board of Education: Mission Accomplished?

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End of an Era; First Family Departs from Martha's Vineyard
Neighbors lined the road in Chilmark Sunday as the Obama family headed to Martha's Vineyard Airport to board Marine One and head back to the capital.
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President Obama on Martha's Vineyard, 2016

Sunday, August 21, 2016

President Barack Obama, the First Lady, and their daughters spent a 15-day summer vacation on the Vineyard.
Presidential Vacation Winds Down

Nights out on the town, time at the golf course and the beach punctuated by a brief break for business marked the second week, as President Obama’s seventh Vineyard vacation neared an end.

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President Obama Takes Brief Vacation Break to Stump for Hillary Clinton

President Obama stepped out of vacation mode briefly Monday to stump for Hillary Clinton at a private fundraiser in Chilmark. The event was hosted by Hank and Carol Brown Goldberg at their home off Middle Road.

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Golf and Greetings, President Obama Begins Low-Key Martha's Vineyard Vacation

The first week of President Barack Obama’s final Vineyard summer vacation as President followed in the vein of past visits: low-key and quiet, filled with familiar patterns.

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President Obama arrives on Martha's Vineyard on August 6, 2016.
President Obama Arrives on Martha's Vineyard
The First Family arrived Saturday for a two-week vacation. On Sunday and Monday the President hit the links at Farm Neck.
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President Arrives Saturday for Martha's Vineyard Vacation
President Obama is scheduled to arrive Saturday for a two-week summer vacation on Martha's Vineyard, his seventh and final summer trip to the Island during his time as a sitting president.
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Preparations Under Way for President's Martha's Vineyard Visit

President Obama and his family will vacation on Martha’s Vineyard again this year. The August visit will mark Mr. Obama’s seventh and final Vineyard summer vacation during his presidency.

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President Obama's Vineyard Summer Vacation Comes to an End
The Obama family’s 16-day Vineyard vacation came to a close Sunday afternoon. The First Family departed from Martha’s Vineyard Airport aboard Marine One at about 5:05 p.m.
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