Voters in Oak Bluffs and West Tisbury elected new selectmen, Edgartown voters said yes to purchasing the Yellow House, and Oak Bluffs approved a new town hall at annual town elections Thursday.

Planning board chairman Brian Packish won big in Oak Bluffs, unseating selectman Walter Vail to take office alongside Michael Santoro.

Mr. Packish received 825 votes. Mr. Santoro was elected to his third term on the board with 563 votes, and Mr. Vail received 527 votes.

Geno Courtney and Lenny Jason take in the scene at Edgartown town hall. — Mark Lovewell

In another selectman's race in West Tisbury, incumbent selectman Richard Knabel was also unseated by Kent Healy, 409 to 248.

"For someone with a lot of words, words are a little tough right now," Mr. Packish said shortly after the results were in in Oak Bluffs Thursday. He said he was eager to work on issues including mopeds and the Island Theatre. "The people of this town spoke enthusiastically. It takes a village. This is my village."

Mr. Santoro said he was pleased with his re-election, but saddened by the defeat of fellow incumbent Mr. Vail. "It's a shame," he said. "This board worked hard and we'll continue to work hard."

Mr. Vail said he wished his opponents well, and he hopes to continue serving the town as a member of the town hall building committee. "I hope there is something I can continue to do for the town," he said. "Town hall, to have the town pass that, that's a win. I don't care so much for myself, but that's a real win."

Oak Bluffs voters said yes to exempting the debt for a $9.9 million on a new town hall, 627 to 509, allowing the long-planned project to go forward after defeat two years ago.

Voters elected Thomas Zinno to a seat on the board of health in the other contested race. Mr. Zinno received 560 votes; Timothy Peters received 483 votes.

Park commissioner Amy K. Billings was the top vote getter, receiving 999 votes. Also elected without contest were Laura B. Johnston, town clerk, 982; John Victor Tiernan, cemetery commissioner, 875; Michael R. Hoyt, school committee, 870; Maura J. McGroarty, finance and advisory committee, 771; Robert P. Gaffey, finance and advisory committee, 691; Richard Day Weiss, finance and advisory committee, 680; Jeremiah P. McCarthy, planning board, 852; Gail M. Barmakian, wastewater commission, 782; and Raymond J. Moreis, water district commissioner, 919.

Bill McGrath was elected to a one-year seat on the finance and advisory committee with write-in votes. He accepted the nomination.

Voting started bright and early in West Tisbury Thursday, with polls open at 7 a.m. — Mark Lovewell

Voter turnout was about 32 per cent, with 1,217 votes cast out of 3,767 registered voters.

In Edgartown voters backed a proposal to purchase or take by eminent domain the so-called Yellow House at 66 Main street by a vote of 399 to 152. Selectmen have called a meeting for Friday to discuss the next steps.

Edgartown also voted in a new member of the planning board, with Lucy Chedzoy Morrison unseating incumbent Alan O. Wilson, 286 to 219.

Selectman Margaret E. Serpa was elected without contest to her seventh term on the board of selectmen with 433 votes.

Alan C. Gowell, re-elected to the board of assessors, was the top vote getter with 477 votes. Also elected without contest were Kathleen M. Case, board of health, 464; Leslie Baynes, financial advisory committee, 452; Donna Lowell-Bettencourt, financial advisory committee, 432; David Allen Faber, library trustees, 441; S. Christopher Scott, library trustees, 445; Jane M. Varkonda, park commissioner, 471; Samuel W. Sherman, planning board (two years), 440; Kimberly S. Kirk, school committee, 419; Scott Ellis, wastewater treatment commissioner, 470; and David M. Burke, water commissioner, 413.

Voters in Edgartown also approved a slate of spending proposals. The vote was 420-127 in favor of a new pumper for the fire department, 407-142 in favor of a harbor master boat, 401-149 for a new town dredge, and 433-114 for bike lanes on part of Meshacket Road.

About 16 per cent of registered voters turned out to the polls in Edgartown, with 568 ballots cast.

In West Tisbury, Elaine Barnett and Wendy Nierenberg were the winners in a three-way contest for two three-year terms as library trustees. Ms. Barnett received 356 votes and Ms. Nierenberg 349 votes; Robert Hauck received 270 votes.

Incumbent town clerk Tara J. Whiting was the top vote getter with 583 votes. Also elected without contest were Daniel A. Waters, moderator; 570; Erik Lowe, board of health, 542; Maria G. McFarland, board of assessors, 491; Brent B. Taylor, tax collector, 528; Jeremiah Armstrong Brown, tree warden, 531; Amy Falvo Hoff, library trustee (two years), 466; Gina Solon, library trustee (one year), 485; Gary Montrowl, finance committee, 473; Katherine Triantafillou, finance committee, 418; Suzanne Hammond, park and recreation committee, 484; Cheryl A. Lowe, park and recreation committee, 510; Matthew Merry, planning board, 533;  Beatrice Phear, planning board, 480; John J. Powers, constable, 556; and Mary Robin Ravitch, land bank commissioner, 478.

Turnout in West Tisbury was 667, about 26 per cent of registered voters.

Two nonbinding referendums were also approved by a wide margin in all three towns. A question calling for a regional housing bank was approved in Oak Bluffs and West Tisbury; the question was not on the ballot in Edgartown. The vote in Oak Bluffs was 801 in favor and 345 opposed, and West Tisbury voted 458-149 in favor.

A question asking whether voters were in favor of banning rental mopeds on the Island was easily approved in all three towns. Oak Bluffs voted 982 in favor and 178 opposed, and in Edgartown the vote was 497 in favor and 46 against. In West Tisbury the vote was 571-50.

Steve Myrick and Heather Hamacek contributing reporting.