Spring was here for a few days and now back to reality of rain and low temperatures. However, the days we did have to spend outside were a great tease and it is something to look forward to in the next few weeks.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Mauricio Sampaio, who celebrated his day April 8; Mabel DeRoche and Francis Paciello, April 9; Madelyn Crowell, April 10; Caroline Dolby, April 11; Alyana Correia, April 12; Vinicius DaSilva, Noah Osborn, April 13; Brant Maynard, April 16; Kylee Brasefield, Isabella Florio, and Sania Magaraci, April 17; Anna Alves, Dyana Burke, and Olivia McCormick, April 18; Isadora Cordeiro, April 20; and to Emanuelly Borges who celebrates April 21.

I ran out the house last Wednesday and forgot to send my column to the office. When Bill asked me about it I sent it that night. Even if it did not get into the paper you can always look online as it will probably be there.

The kids at the Edgartown school never cease to amaze me. I went to the fifth grade play, which was a review of movie and Broadway music. I think I sat in awe while lip syncing to most of the songs. These kids get on the stage with no sign of fright, they sing the songs with feeling, and they seem to love everything they do.

I have a new family member. Her name is Merida, after the princess in the movie Brave. She came from a shelter in the south that rescued her from a kill shelter. I was expecting a small white something, but I received this cute black and brown corgi/Australian shepherd mix. It was love at first sight and she is something else again. She has the short legs of the corgi and the energy of the Energizer bunny. It has been a long time since a dog under six has been in this house, especially as an only dog child. She is a year and a half, the vet figures. She keeps me hopping and loves to chase the ball. So this summer will be interesting. I just wish I had my cat’s training habits, because every time Merida chases the cat, she turns to face Merida and Merida right away stops, lays down, and stays. I guess if I grow my nails longer I might have a chance!

This is school vacation week and after looking at Facebook I see a few families visiting the Big Mouse. So I hope they all have fun.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.

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