Incumbent selectman Warren M. Doty was elected again without contest and voters said yes to nonbinding resolutions to ban moped rentals and create a housing bank as Chilmark voters went to the polls Wednesday for the annual town election.

A quiet, rainy election day saw low turnout, with 147 ballots cast in the old ballot box at the Chilmark Community Center, about 15 per cent of the 984 registered voters. There were no contested races on the ballot.

Mr. Doty was elected to his seventh term in office with 115 votes.

Voters easily approved two nonbinding questions on the ballot. A proposal to eliminate rental mopeds on the Island, a question put before voters in all Island towns this year, was overwhelmingly approved in Chilmark with a vote of 135 to nine. Another question asking whether voters are in favor of creating a regional housing bank was approved 105 to 40.

Elected without contest were Elizabeth B. Oliver, board of assessors, 129; Matthew E. Poole, board of health, 122; Marshall E. Carroll 3rd, finance committee, 134; Robert J. Hannemann, finance committee, 112; and Joan A. Malkin, planning board, 114. Keith L. Emin, re-elected as tree warden, and Janet L. Weidner, re-elected as library trustee, were the top vote getters with 138 votes each.

Several positions were filled with write-in votes because there were no candidates on the ballot.

Harriet Otteson received 11 write-in votes for cemetery commissioner. Mr. Emin, the newly re-elected tree warden, swept the rest of the open seats with the most write-in votes for a two-year term as surveyor of wood lumber and bark (seven votes), a three-year term as surveyor of wood lumber and bark (six votes), and a three-year term as fence viewer (six votes).