New Crane Approved for Menemsha Dock

The Martha's Vineyard Fishermen’s Preservation Trust got a provisional go-ahead to build out new infrastructure at the Menemsha commercial dock this week.

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Chilmark Town Column: March 18

Students at Falmouth Academy studied some fascinating stuff and presented it at their recent Science and Engineering Fair.

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Chilmark Town Column: March 4

I think back to the days of old man Lenny Jason pulling up a chair at the Texaco and, in his deep booming voice, telling stories.

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Chilmark Delays Selectmen's Meeting to Thursday

Chilmark has delayed its regularly scheduled Tuesday selectmen’s meeting until Thursday, citing an "unstable internet connection".

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Happy Birthday Chilmark

Chilmark is turning 325 years old.

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New Dwelling to Top Manter’s Hill, One of the Historic Properties of the Vineyard
Joseph Chase Allen
Manter’s Hill, a Chilmark landmark since the beginning of the Manor, will be crowned with a year-round dwelling of imposing size at some time in the near future. The house is to be built for Lester Dana of Boston, who is in the process of purchasing fifty-five acres of the old Manter Place from Philip Siff, and the building will be done by the William G. Manter Co. of Vineyard Haven. William F. Swift, Vineyard Haven engineer and surveyor, will be in charge of the whole operation.
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“One of Benton Harmonica Boys” Is Here for Visit
Vineyard Gazette
He was walking along the state road with his wife up in West Tisbury. He carried a suitcase, and, although he did not actually wiggle his thumb, he looked hopefully back at the car.
His name is Manuel Tolegian of New York city, artist and former student of Thomas H. Benton, summer resident of Chilmark. When he was picked up by the Gazette reporter, he looked slightly warm but grateful, animated and eager. He has a thin, aesthetic face and long, slender hands.
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Chilmark Approves Spending at Quiet Town Election
Sara Brown

At a quiet town election Wednesday, Chilmark easily passed all spending articles on a ballot that featured no contested races.

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Chilmark Joins Island Towns In Year of Overrides
Landry Harlan

A $9 million town budget and money for school renovations are set to come before Chilmark voters at their annual town meeting Monday. The meeting begins at 7:30 p.m. in the community center.

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Menemsha Master Plan Draws Lively Discussion

It was standing room only in the Chilmark library for a public forum on architect Bill Brewster’s preliminary improvement plan for Menemsha.

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