Listening to the Heartbeat of an Old Chilmark House

One of the more interesting houses up-Island is 231 State Road in Chilmark. It is an unusual house for Chilmark: a Queen Anne style Victorian, painted yellow, with a turret.

I don’t know of any other such houses in Chilmark, whose charm lies in its serene and lovely rolling hills, hidden houses and beaches. It is a very common type of house elsewhere in the United States, the reflection of the prosperity of the late 19th century. Prosperity that had passed Chilmark by and which it was not to achieve until well past the midpoint of the 20th century.

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Chilmark Backs Plan for Squibnocket

Chilmark voters early this week unanimously backed a plan for restoring Squibnocket Beach, ending a seven-month public review. It was a striking departure from the contentious annual town meeting last April when an earlier plan was rejected.

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Chilmark Rejects Squibnocket Plan, Favoring More Study
Chilmark voters rejected the much-discussed public-private improvement project at Squibnocket beach by a slim margin at the annual town meeting Monday night, deciding instead to study alternatives under a newly appointed committee.
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Harbor Improvements Top Chilmark Special Town Meeting Tonight
New pilings for Menemsha harbor, a new office for the harbor master and a new wood floor for the Chilmark Community Center are all decisions for voters. The meeting begins at 7:30 p.m. in the Community Center.
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Tabor House Road Closed for Paving

A large portion of Tabor House Road in Chilmark will be closed for several days this week due to a repaving project.

The road will be closed from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday from the North Road intersection to the town landfill. Residents will be able to access Tiercel Lane and Middle Line Road from Middle Road until the paving reaches those roads.

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Chilmark Children Protest Idea of Closing Menemsha's Crab Corner

Some came straight from the beach with sandy feet, while others had just emerged from a nighttime bath, but the children who attended the Chilmark selectmen’s meeting Tuesday had a single message: don’t close Crab Corner.

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Unfair Advantage
The following letter was sent to the Chilmark selectmen: The request for allowing eating establishments to obtain liquor licenses is troubling. The fact that Chilmark remains dry while others have not should never be a reason to change the character of the Menemsha village. How it could impact the town and its future should be thoroughly examined before a decision is made in favor of one request.
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Judge to Decide Whether Chilmark Affordable Housing Deal Still Valid

In 2007 the town of Chilmark, the Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank and the Howard Hillman family announced a three-way land swap that was designed to save a historic house, open up a new conservation corridor and create more affordable housing up-Island.

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Chilmark Will Consider Allowing Alcohol Sales at Restaurants
The last dry town on the Vineyard could be turning wet. The Chilmark selectmen have set a public hearing for August 27 to explore the idea of allowing alcohol sales at restaurants in the up-Island town.
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Chilmark May Limit Home Size, Bylaw Passes State
A Chilmark zoning bylaw regulating house size is now official after the town received approval from the state attorney general’s office this week. Kelli Gunagan, assistant attorney general and bylaw coordinator, informed the town in a July 9 letter that the state approved the zoning amendments passed at the annual town meeting in April.

“Based upon our review of the text of [the bylaw], the relevant case law, and all the materials submitted to our office, we conclude that Section 6.11 is not clearly inconsistent with [Massachusetts general law],” Ms.

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