The Roses on the Wallpaper, By Kate Hancock, Illustrated by Lane Gregory, Stanza Lone Books, $17.95.

Two old Vineyard friends have collaborated on a children’s book entitled The Roses on the Wallpaper. The story is about two roses who escape from the wallpaper to attend a garden party. It all seemed so simple, but things do not go exactly as planned. Rose and Bud, the two flowers, end up having more of an adventure then they had anticipated.

Kate Hancock, the book’s author, was inspired by a similar story told to her as a young girl by a favorite aunt. The story is enchanting, funny in places, and educational in a way that is never pedantic. Ms. Hancock is also the author of Windswept, a middle grade novel about the recovery of a mother and her twins from a devastating loss, and three musicals for adult audiences.

There will be a book reception this Sunday, May 21, at 4 p.m. at Featherstone Center for the Arts.

Ms. Hancock’s collaboration with illustrator Lane Gregory came about in a serendipitous manner. The two women met 12 years ago while working together at the Vineyard Playhouse. About a year ago they ran into one another and decided to team up on the book.

“I couldn’t have asked for more beautiful illustrations for my story,” Ms. Hancock said.

Ms. Gregory was a fashion illustrator for Jordan Marsh and Filene’s until photographs replaced illustrative drawings. She also did Simplicity Pattern covers and clip art for Reebok for 25 years. The collaboration worked so well the two women are already working together on a new children’s book entitled Spotless, a story about a giraffe with a conspicuous pigmentation problem.

Books will be available at the reception on Sunday or can be ordered by emailing the publisher at