Sarah Nelson grew up on the Vineyard and in high school worked for artist Steve Lohman as a studio assistant. Mr. Lohman has a long history on the Island, but also spends much of his time in New Orleans. Ms. Nelson went to visit after college and liked it so much she moved to New Orleans, and over the years became a successful artist in her own right.

This Sunday, in a one-day exhibition, Ms. Nelson and Mr. Lohman are teaming up to show their respective work at the Tisbury Waterworks in Vineyard Haven. Local abstract artist Darcie Lee Hanaway rounds out the trio of artists.

Ms. Nelson said that New Orleans has a lot on common with the Vineyard. “The people are interesting and different, and time seems to stand still,” she said.

“Like the Vineyard, it feels like it shouldn’t exist compared to the rest of the country, but it does,” she added.

The city has also influenced her work. “I’m a lot more architectural in my art,” she said, adding that the Vineyard still features prominently in her paintings. “When I’m here I paint landscapes like nobody’s business.”

And, of course there is the light, which varies from place to place. “The Vineyard has a cerulean blue light, and New Orleans has a more pink light,” she said.

Ms. Nelson is not the only Vineyarder to follow Mr. Lohman to his adopted home. “Lots of kids started with me on the Vineyard and some are now in New Orleans,” he said. “I’m a bad influence,” he joked.

Mr. Lohman said this will be his 35th year showing his art on the Vineyard. The show on Sunday will feature, “new neon work and furniture made in the 80s and 90s.”

And why just a one-day show?

“I like the excitement,” he said. “And I like showing in spaces people don’t expect to see art.”

The Tisbury Waterworks Art Show featuring Sarah Nelson, Steve Lohman and Darcie Lee Hanaway will be held on Sunday, August 27 from 5 to 9 p.m.