Summer has returned this week after a complete week of rain. I think Jose had a hangover from too much tequila and he hung around a few days longer than expected. But once again we are okay. We have our homes and belongings and we are safe so we can tolerate the rain.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. If you bet a month you might be the winner. Hopefully tomorrow I will make it to the school for the list. But let’s see next week if I did.

Special birthday wishes go out to Kathy Ivory who celebrated her day Sept. 27. Hope it was a special day.

Happy 25th anniversary to Maureen (Moses) and Dennis Gazaille who celebrated on Sept. 26. Here is to many more.

Also celebrating an anniversary is Richard and Cindy Krauss. They celebrated their 35th on Sept. 25. Here is to many more years together.

There were a few weddings this past weekend. Even with the weather as unpredictable as it was couples had a great day.

Zach Townes married his longtime girlfriend Sara Leandro Saturday at the Rod and Gun Club. Word has it that is was a beautiful setting. Now Zach has some tales to tell as he was one of the many people stuck in Woods Hole during the storm. He was getting a little nervous as they were saying the boats might be canceled till Friday. But he made it home and things went on without a hitch. Hope you both have much love and happiness in the years to come.

Bob Graves and Nicole Gazaille were also married on Saturday. They too were affected by the boats, as they had many relatives coming from off-Island. But they all arrived and had a great time at their reception at Lola’s. Here is to a long and happy life together.

Word also has it that there was a bride waiting for her dress to arrive from off-Island.

I am sure most of you noticed that nature is something else. A week before Jose arrived I noticed the birds were not around. The humming bird at work was not around. The catbirds in my backyard were quiet and the gold finches were not bothering the sunflowers. It is funny how in tune they are with the weather and we should probably take a lesson from them. Now that the storm is over, the hummingbird is back and I heard the catbirds yelling at me this morning when I took the dog out. Love them.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.

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