Last weekend’s big wind event happened on the fifth anniversary of Super Storm Sandy. Hard to believe. Also, I think it’s been about 20 years since the Halloween Blow (aka The Perfect Storm). Wind is my least favorite weather. It’s downright scary walking or driving under big branches.

Several years ago Danny Larsen gave me some fish totes. They are a handy garden helper. Recently, I came across a cane I used for a sprained ankle years ago. I’ve been loading plants, debris, mulch and/or produce and using the cane as a hook to pull the totes up and down paths in the vegetable garden. They maneuver much easier than a wheelbarrow and the cane eliminates the need to lift or even bend over — a win/win. Soon, I’ll probably need the cane to haul myself around so I’m getting used to it.

Some time ago I was driving in the Oak Bluffs Camp Ground around this time of year. An elderly woman was raking leaves furiously. Something at her side caught my attention. She had tucked her cane into her waistband and it was swinging away in sync with her rake. I laughed every time I thought about it but only in complete admiration.

My friend, Sharlee, is a genius. We were complaining that our fennel crops went to flower and the bulbs are too tough to chew. She discovered some tiny side shoots growing at the base. They are tender and delicious. I followed her lead and picked several of my own for a yummy salad.

Once again I failed Brussels sprouts. I cannot figure out why the little sprouts open up completely when they are the size of a pea. The plants look great but no matter if I start them sooner or later I have the same problem. This has happened several years in a row. What gives?

I’m a huge fan of Brussels sprouts. My little children, not so much. Once, I opened up the kitchen table to receive a leaf. There on the little ledge was a perfect row of dried up Brussels. One of the children had discovered a perfect spot for unwanted food.

I’m concerned for the monarch butterflies. I still have dozens in my garden, especially on the zinnias. Shouldn’t they be halfway to Mexico by now?

I have a new favorite annual flower — the Red Lime zinnia. It grows at least three feet tall and is an old-fashioned rose, mauve color mixed with lime green. The aforementioned monarchs seem to particularly enjoy it as well. I hope to save some seeds or go back to the Select Seed catalog from which I purchased it last spring.

One of the beauties of cooking for oneself is having all the vegetables that other family members dislike. The other night I cut into half-inch pieces some eggplant, sugar beets, celeriac, onion, garlic and my last kohlrabi. I sauteed everything in olive oil and balsamic vinegar and served it to myself with nothing else. I was completely happy.

There is so much material this week in the political world, I hardy know where to begin. The Mueller indictments were pretty newsworthy as was General Kelly’s Fox News interview about Civil War history.

I think the opioid crisis wins this week. DJT reneged on his promise to declare a national emergency and changed the wording to public health emergency. The former would involve lots of federal money to be available to combat the problem. Oh, and the new budget cuts will reduce money for treatment. His entire speech was very Nancy Reaganesque. Wouldn’t it be great if people just didn’t do drugs. How about arresting doctors and the pharmaceutical companies? They are the new drug pushers.

Addiction in all its forms is a horrible, progressive, fatal affliction which requires all the help given to other diseases.

I went on the Google to look up Donald’s brother Fred who died of alcoholism at age 43. I was sent down the cyber rabbit hole to a Woody Guthrie song entitled Old Man Trump. Worth checking out.