We after So many days to
Gether are living the winter

Life I wished for in the beginning

A fire started & collapsed into
Dark burning coals & ash
Quietly ravaged logs undressed

Purr & hum or isn’t it rightly
The fire & the wood spitting
& humming together Nothing

Wasted but all is wasted It doesn’t
Matter much what we do anymore

If it ever did You read most of the day

Get up for a bite from one of your
Chairs I glare into this iPad a snailfish
From the floor of the ocean Walk

The dog in the ever noisy woods
Not with sound but voices of sight
The constant bleat of brown Vs green
Mosses siskin green velvet & minute
Fern shapes Ponds reflect not so much sky
As path & tree to make an earth

Over time effortlessly Reduced to

Our essential selves here beside
Each other day after day our
Murmurings noted & forgotten

Like bird chirps/ cracked twig
We move at night from near fire’s end
Toward a familiar bed still able

To stir dreams/snores We sleep
Laid as bark-charred/ stripped logs
On a bed of coals red & darkening.