I have been saying this past weekend that I hope we enjoyed our spring. It was so cold and damp. Mother’s Day was not a washout but it was chilly and it did not dampen the spirit of the kids and their moms. But now we are going to have rain and that will only make the grass greener and the plants grow stronger.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated this past week. Big balloons go out to Alexandra Guerrero, Edward Rosebeck and Miles Wolf who all celebrated May 12; Avelly Oteri, May 13; Russell Coogan, Broden Couto, Maria Sanchez Roa and Elisa Siria, May 14; Mateo DeOliveria, May 15; Joao Nunes, May 16; Bianca Nunes, May 17; and to Pedro Alves who celebrates his day May 18.

It was not the best weather for Pink and Green weekend, but it did not dampen the spirits of the activities. Friday night at Donaroma’s was buzzing with the fairy theme and the kids making their own wings to add to the buzz. Many pictures were taken and there were many happy faces.

This is the time of year we have to reschedule our home departures to get to work on time. The traffic is increasing and more stores are opening and more employees are going into town to work. What took five minutes to get to work now takes 10. Plus the bike traffic is picking up so you have to watch the stop signs at the bike paths.

I have to share this little giggle. As I am typing my dog Merida is feeling the neglect of me not paying attention to her. I am typing and all of a sudden I see her toy mouse (it is really the cat’s) flipping up over the cover of the computer, again and again. When the Blodgetts picked her out for me they loved that she entertained herself and tonight I am really seeing it. Of course I am going to pay for the ignoring later.

The news is sparse. But I am looking forward to seeing more friends coming in the next few weeks.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.

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