We have been lucky with the nice weather but we have also got some much-needed rain. Now we are preparing for some humid weather coming our way. But there are some who have been waiting for this as they want to get to the beach and chill.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Isabelle Murphy who celebrated her birthday on June 23, Michael Calheta, June 25, and to Genevieve Laiacona, who celebrates her day on Friday, June 29.

The Fourth of July is now here. Town is starting to gear up for all the people that are expected to arrive. With the weather being so cool it seems to have creeped up on us. We are still trying to adjust to the traffic and the lines at the Stop and Shop.

We are asked daily how we got our hydrangeas to bloom so fast. The answer is they came from the South. We get them in early April and they are already budded. We have some that are over-wintered and they are just the same as the ones in your yard. The weather has been so cool that the flowers are a bit behind but with the warmer weather and rain this past week, they are starting to catch up.

Baby birds are showing up at the feeders. The cardinals are calling when there is no seed in the feeders. I love watching the parents feed the babies then show them how to eat.

Save the date. On Tuesday, July 3 at noon, the fifth annual reading of the Frederick Douglass 1852 speech will take place at the Federated Church Meetinghouse. The program is co-hosted by the Friends of the Edgartown Library and Federated Church. Mr. Douglass presented his speech, The Meaning of the Fourth of July for the Negro, on July 5, 1852, to the Rochester Anti-Slavery and Sewing Society. The words still resonate today, 166 years after the speech was originally given. Following the reading, the African American Heritage Trail of Martha’s Vineyard will unveil a plaque listing the Federated Church as site 29 on the historic trail, honoring Frederick Douglass. All are welcome. For information call 508-627-4421 or email admin@federatedchurchmv.org.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.

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