As temperatures climbed early Monday morning at the Tabernacle, more than 70 artists gathered to participate in the 60th annual All Island Art Show. The exhibition featured artists across mediums and skill levels from all corners of the Vineyard.

“We have works by 72 different artists at the moment,” said art show committee member Lynn Hoeft, minutes after the clock at Trinity United Methodist Church in the Camp Ground struck 10 a.m. “But there are a few latecomers.”

Painters, photographers, illustrators and mixed-media artists alike could hang up to five of their works on the metal fence circling the perimeter of the Tabernacle. For an additional fee, artists could display a portfolio of up to 30 pieces on nearby tables. While many of the artists featured were professionals, committee chairman Bob Schaefer said the show has a longstanding tradition of welcoming emerging artists.

Paintings circle the perimeter of the Tabernacle. — Ray Ewing

“This show is predominately for amateur and emerging artists, people that otherwise wouldn’t be out there in, say, a gallery space,” Mr. Schaefer said.

The works represented 11 different categories, each falling into three separate groups: painting, photography and miscellaneous.

“The miscellaneous or other includes sculpture, mixed media, drawing graphics and collage,” Mr. Schaefer said.

The intaglio prints of artist Mackie Cromwell fell into the diverse category. Mr. Cromwell is a Maryland-based artist and this was his first year participating in the show.

“I’m not here to sell anything, I’m just here to win a prize,” he said, smiling.

And there were many prizes to be won, including the coveted best in show, which went to Dorothy McLaughlin Petell. Five judges made their rounds through the Tabernacle; two judging the paintings, two the photography, and one examining all remaining entries.

Photography is always a popular medium at the show. — Ray Ewing

Attendees could also purchase star stickers for 10 cents apiece to paste next to their favorite work. The art with the most stars at the end of the afternoon won for most popular. Charter School students Matti Lyn Floyd and Lucia Capece peddled the stickers.

“Get your stars here! 10 cents a star!” Matti Lyn called into the crowd.

An hour into the show Oak Bluffs painter Brian Kirkpatrick had earned his fair share of stars. Paintings like OB Terminal and Kids Parade depicted classic Vineyard scenes, all in varying shades of neon acrylic paint. Having lost his vision in one eye three years ago, Mr. Kirkpatrick said all of his works displayed at the show fell under a new era of artistic innovation.

“These are all works that I’ve done in what I’m calling my one eye period,” Mr. Kirkpatrick said. He flipped a canvas over to show his new signature: the number one, followed by a drawing of an eyeball and the word period etched in a black Sharpie marker. “I have no depth perception, so I do my work very slowly now, but it’s a tradition for me to come show my work here.”

Next year it's your turn. — Ray Ewing

Mixed media artist Brenda J Watson has had a 15-year tradition of entering artwork at the show. As a painter, photographer and illustrator, her pieces qualified for every category, but her acrylic paintings on clay plates and vases elicited the most attention from passersby.

“Instead of painting on canvas I use raw clay,” Ms. Watson said. “You just never know what you’re going to get.”

The paintings are inspired by images of men and women from the Omo Valley region of South Ethiopia. Once the acrylic paint sets on the surface of the clay, it’s fired in a kiln, creating a glossy finish.

“What I really appreciate is that people of all different backgrounds are drawn to these images,” Ms. Watson said. “That’s special to me.”

All Island Art Show Winners

Best in Show: Dorothy McLaughlin Petell  
Oil Painting: Warren Gaines
Acrylic Painting: Jack Yuen
Pastel: Coleen Harrigan
Watercolor: Ned Reade
Collage: Kathy Poehler
Drawing & Graphics: Lynn Hoeft
Mixed Media: Dorothy McLaughlin Petell
Sculpture: Neil Rice
Photography, landscape: Brooke Bartletta
Photography, people: Heather Capece
Photography, other: Elizabeth Convery-Luce
Most Popular: Heather Capece