We finally got some much needed rain. We still need more but I will take what we got. Now if we could get rid of the humidity I will be very happy.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Benjamin Sylvia who celebrated their day August 4, Paige Herrick and Natalie Worley, August 5, Grace O’Hanlon, August 7, and to Bryan Somas, who celebrates his day Friday, August 10.

Special birthday wishes go out to Pam Dolby and Floyd Norton who both celebrated their day August 5.

It is the second week in August and the departures have started. Kids in the south have already started school and college kids are getting ready for classes soon.

I have been watching the social media and seeing parents getting their son or daughter ready to return to their next year of college and then there are the first timers, who mothers have been worried and dreading this day for weeks. Either way, the departures are on.

This was a busy week for the Leighton/Mundt/Sylvia family. I should say the Leighton families as these are the grandson and great grandchildren of the late Sam and Nancy Leighton.

First Damien Sylvia, who is a great-grandson, and grandson of Nancy Leighton Henry and Kevin Henry, was here visiting his grandfather Kenny and his wife Pamela Sylvia. He is the son of Kelley Skidmore and the late Anthony Sylvia. He was a very busy young man as he went fishing and caught a bass, went lobstering with one of Kenny’s friends and also attended a Red Sox game. He had a grand time but his mom Kelley who now lives in Georgia sure missed him and was glad to have him back home. Damien also spent a couple of weeks in Maine with his grandfather Kevin.

This past weekend Ryan Mundt, son of Patty Leighton Mundt and Kirk Mundt, was here with his wife Michelle, and their two children, Lina, and Levi. Also here with them were Michelle’s brothers, Brian and Eric, and their wives, Michele and Stephanie, and their boys Max, Franco, JoeJoe and Duke.

It was a fun-filled weekend with barbeques and beach and all the things they could fit in before they had to return to Connecticut.

Even with the fair, Illumination and the fireworks coming, there are so many other activities going on. Felix Neck always has some great nature activities, the Edgartown library always has thing happening for all ages and you can always count on the museum to have a great exhibit happening.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.

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