Once again, it is raining for the first time in days. The ground is screaming for rain. I put some plants in the ground and, only an inch into the digging, I hit powder soil. I know it is people’s vacation and all the big events are coming up this week but this rain is a welcome sight. A lot of people are starting to talk tropical storms and how much they like the weather we have been having. It makes you hope the storms stay out to sea.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Achshaph Braz and John Fetters who celebrated their day August 11; Gabrielle Guimaraes and Grace Manson, August 12; Holden Graczykowski, August 14; and to Bethany Cardoza who celebrates her day Friday, August 17.

Well, here we are at the week most people think is the end of the Island summer with Illumination, the fair and the fireworks. It is like the grand finale of summer to some. To others, it is the middle of good weather, wedding season and the beginning of the school year for many. It has been quite the summer with the heat and humidity, people coming and going, lots of traffic. Business seems quieter, yet not. There are two more weeks in August and probably lots of sun. So, let’s just enjoy.

I am getting ready to say goodbye to my “English son” Scott. He has been here since May and we picked up where we left off four years ago. Of course, he is legal age now but that did not change the respect he had for me and my home. He knew people here from before and spent a lot of time with them and some friends he made while here, but he always had time for a great conversation late at night, or time out for tea to him, dinner to me.

We made plans when he arrived that we would do during the course of his stay and we did them all – like breakfast on the deck or dinner and friends for a cookout on the deck, going to Oak Bluffs, going off-Island for the day, etc. It has been fun and I am going to miss him like crazy but I will be happy to not have a spotted mirror of toothpaste and more dishes in the sink. If that is my only complaint then I am lucky.

I hope you have all had a good week with all the activities and have a great weekend with the fair and fireworks.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.

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