We’ve had rain, blue skies, sun and perfect temperature. The weatherman has said no frost until at least the middle of the month and temperatures 10 degrees above average. We will see.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Connor Beeson who celebrated Sept. 29; Olivia Hess, Samanta Morgnerova, Jocie Smith and Jaz Trott who all celebrated Sept. 30; Dylan Beeson, Keiry Fonseca on Oct. 1; Ilanna Batista, Isla Ditchfield and Haily Smith on Oct. 2; Robert Moriarty, Lucy Tawa, Oct. 3; Shanolya Coke on Oct. 4; and to Wendella Rosa who celebrates her day on Friday, Oct. 5.

Congratulations to Tom and Mary Mandosa who will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in Barcelona along with trips to the French Riviera and Florence, Lake Como and the Italian Riviera. Three weeks of fun and excitement.

Here we are now in October. I hate to say this but we are now where we always say we should start shopping for Christmas. If you buy one present per week that is only 18 gifts. That sounds like a lot but, for an average family, that is nothing between presents and stocking stuffers.

Sonny and Cindy Laurent, my cousins from Louisiana, arrived Monday for a short visit. They had a long drive up, especially through the Carolinas with all the flooding and damage from hurricane Florence. But they made it safely and now are here for a few days catching up with friends and eating New England food they have not had for two years. They will then go back to Somerset and visit with Cindy’s brother and sisters. Visit time is way too short.

One of our nights out was at the Barn in Oak Bluffs. Monday night is burger night and they are half price served with fries and a pickle. The bun is even branded with an owl. It was awesome and very busy. So if you get a chance and you want to have a night out for dinner, give them a try. You can’t find many places that serve hamburgers and fries for five dollars and fifty cents.

My feathery friends are making an appearance. I do not feed them heavily in the summer but they are sitting on the feeder now, looking in and wondering where the good stuff is. I love to watch the chickadees swooping in and out and watching for that one bird I can’t identify and checking with friends to see what it is.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.

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