The big question is: do we put the summer clothes away or do we keep them out? One day it is 80 degrees, then the next 50. The room is getting clogged with the clothes that are questionable. I guess the answer is be patient because as you know we are in New England and nothing is set in stone with the weather.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Rayssa Moraes who celebrated Oct. 6; Joey Bettencourt, Alana Rosbeck, Oct. 7; Marcos Rodriques, Oct. 8; Sarah Martins, Nazare McIntosh, Oct. 9; and to Otavio Mendes, and Grady Phelps who celebrate their day on Oct. 11.

I was standing on my deck throwing the ball for Merida, which is an endless job, and I was thinking about this column when I noticed a little black and white animal on the other side of the fence watching the chickadees flying in and out.

I walked to the gate and slowly walked out to find it was Smudge, the Blodgett’s cat. As you know, the Blodgett’s are my second family and we care for each other’s animals when we go away. I am at their house a lot so Smudge and I are no strangers to each other. She is independent, a pat-me-when-I-want-you-to cat and loves to bring presents home to her family. However, it was not going to be one of my birds. I called her name and she looked at me like “I know you” and she came over to me. I patted her and she walked around me for a few minutes then proceeded to get up on my car and sit there like she was saying “I know this lady and I can sit here all I want.” She went home birdless so no present for the family today.

While standing on the deck I was also thinking that it was just Columbus Day weekend and here we are looking at taking apart what we worked so hard putting together – our gardens. It is time to mulch, put the fertilizer on the trees and shrubs and get them ready for winter. Some of my pots are still flourishing and the others are not so nice. I usually pick plants that pretty much take care of themselves because I am like the electrician who gets home and does not want to change the light bulb or the plumber with leaky pipes. I am sad to compost those pots but they will be ready for next summer.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.

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