Brr! It was so chilly on Tuesday that I stayed indoors all day and did nothing but load the woodstove. Nothing is quite as comfortable as a wood fire.

On Monday, I know it was going to turn cold so I dug all the rest of the celeriac. I am quite fond of the root. It’s better than celery in my opinion. All the flavor with none of the pesky strings. The problem, however, is the huge amount of preparation time. Each root has dozens of annoying nooks and crannies. Peeling is a real pain.

Once again, I drove into downtown Vineyard Haven to enjoy the festive decor. The Copper Wok is sporting some tiny trees in their boxes. Very nice.

I like the birch logs in the greens at Bunch of Grapes.

Last weekend, I came off a late ferry and finally remembered to go up Water street to Main. Between Rainy Day, Off-Main and Leslie’s, that end of town is very sparkly and welcoming.

We are still doing a bit of fall clean-up. It’s time to cut back the ornamental grasses. Some still look okay but, from past experience, snow will weight them down and break them. Before you know it, they will be blowing all over the place.

I find that I am way too busy in the spring to cut them then and the new growth will begin.

I’ve noticed some very nice holly in my travels. I have a resentment about my own. There is not a single berry. What gives? Mine has a boyfriend of the same cultivar and I’ve had berries in the past.

The birds have polished off most of the winter berries and crabapples so I’m missing some red in the yard.

The bulk company sent 100 minnow daffodils just last week and the bulk of the order had been received and planted a month ago.

The following falls under do as I say, not as I do. I chopped through frozen soil and put at least 10 under the ice cube, then replaced it and walked away. I’m going to be very shocked if they actually emerge in the spring.

I have a lamp near my kitchen window. For the past several nights, I’ve noticed quite a few winter moths fluttering outside the window. I’ve seen it worse. One year I was traveling on Spring Point at dark and thought it was snowing. Many people have been spraying BT so maybe we will get a handle on the problem by next summer.

I informed my family members that all I want for Christmas is for them to come to the house and take something. Honestly, how can a person accumulate so much stuff in one lifetime? I feel like I’m in the middle of a George Carlin stand-up routine.

I’ve been wondering what Donald Trump actually does. It seems he spends most days lashing out at his own Department of Justice and the press.

Every morning I watch news and think “you can’t make this up.” The latest incredulous kerfuffle is that Michael Flynn was not warned not to lie to the FBI.

I’m not a three-star general or the National Security advisor with decades in government service. I’m pretty sure it goes without saying that lying to the FBI, Congress or local police for that matter is a big no-no.

It seems the Mueller witch hunt is beginning to produce quite a few witches.