So far this winter has been great. When it rains it is in the forties. Then, on the really chilly days it has been very sunny. The Weather Channel keeps us informed of the various named winter storms. I have yet to adjust to the naming of a snow event. Then again, I’m failing to adjust to much in the world at this point.

How I wish I could impart some garden news. I have yet to sit down, catalog in hang, and order seeds. I did spend an afternoon making sense of my attached greenhouse. At the end of the growing season, I pretty much threw everything into it. A day of reckoning arrived when I wanted to plant a few tubs of greens and pea shoots.

As a child of parents who grew up in the Depression I believe everything might have a future use. Many times I’ve quoted the adage from the thirties: “Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do, Or do without.”

I finally used up the celeriac from the fridge. I picked it before Christmas and it was still firm and tasty.

On Tuesday, I attempted to pull some carrots. The ground was too frozen. Take my advice, I’m not using it. I mentioned a few months ago that bales of hay could be placed over rows of carrots. A simple turn over would allow easy access. Did I do it? Clearly I do not live in my perfect world.

I like to grow a few varieties of kale — Tuscan Red Russian, White Russian, Siberian, and Curly Scotch. The Tuscan, aka Lacinato never survives a cold snap. It’s taken me years to realize Italy is not as cold as Siberia. Wow.

Speaking of kale, Ghost Island Farm has reopened on the weekends. Rusty is picking wonderful kale and spinach from his many hoophouses. He sells out quickly.

I’m making lots of soups, stews and breads. I love this time of year when indoor activities can finally happen. I like to make several loaves of bread, slice them and pop into the freezer. Then, when I’m super busy in the spring and summer I can grab a couple of slices for the toaster in the morning and get out the door. Plus I love the warmth and smell in the kitchen when the loaves are in the oven.

Hopefully, this week I can toss some Pro-Holly around the evergreens and hydrangeas. I usually do it in the fall but better late than never. I fertilize the beds and deciduous trees in the spring. I think there is a reason for the times of year but cannot seem to recall.

Shortly it will be time to prune the fruit trees and blueberry bushes. I neglected the task last season so it will require more time and effort this year.

I am alarmed and depressed concerning our President and his increasingly obvious affection for Russia. Can you imagine how the FBI and intelligence community feels? They actually have information. I admit I’m becoming impatient with the not knowing.

I, for one, am not in favor of impeachment. I think election is the way to go in our democracy. Trump and his supporters already live in a constant state of victimhood.

On a lighter note, I guess . . . how about the White House photograph of Trump surrounded by fast food. I repeat myself — you can’t make this up!