Here is a timeline of key events in efforts by the Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head (Aquinnah) to offer gambling in Massachusetts:

1870 Massachusetts incorporates the town of Gay Head over the objections of the Wampanoags.

Dec. 1974Tribe sues town in U.S. District Court, asserting its rights to tribal land under the 1790 Non-Intercourse Act.

Nov. 1983 – After years of negotiations, tribe and town reach a settlement agreement.

Feb. 1987 – Federal government formally recognizes the Aquinnah tribe.

Oct. 1988 – Congress enacts Indian Gaming Regulation Act (IGRA).

Apr. 1993 – Tribal council votes unanimously to pursue casino gambling.

May 1994 – Tribe chooses Carnival Hotels & Casinos as a partner for proposed $150 million casino project in New Bedford.

May 1997 – Massachusetts legislature rejects casino plan; tribe explores high stakes bingo in Fall River.

Oct. 2007 – Anticipating legalization of gambling in Massachusetts, tribe joins with Seneca nation to pursue a state casino license.

Nov. 2011 – Gov. Deval Patrick signs law legalizing gambling in Massachusetts for the first time; law earmarks one of three casino licenses for an Indian tribe.

Mar. 2012 – Aquinnah tribe explores casino locations in Fall River, Freetown and Lakeville.

April 2012 – State refuses to negotiate with Aquinnah tribe, taking position that it waived its sovereignty in the 1983 settlement agreement.

April 2012 - Tribe floats plan to build a small gaming facility on Martha’s Vineyard.

July 2012 – State signs compact with Mashpee Wampanoag for a proposed casino in Taunton.

July 2012 – Tribe announces plan to convert unfinished community center in Aquinnah into a bingo hall.

Dec. 2013State, town of Aquinnah file suit against tribe to block its plans to build a casino.

Dec. 2014Tribe acquires 17 acres of land in Aquinnah from the Wiener family for $1.1 million.

Nov. 2015U.S. District Court rules tribe forfeited rights to offer gaming when it signed the 1983 settlement agreement.

Jan. 2016 – Aquinnah tribe drops plans to use the community center as a bingo hall.

July 2016 – U.S. District Court judge rules Mashpee Wampanoags cannot use land in Taunton to build a casino; Mashpee plan unravels.

April 2017 – U.S. Court of Appeals reverses District Court and affirms Aquinnah tribe’s right to offer gaming.

Dec. 2017 – Bureau of Indian Affairs accepts former Wiener property into trust for the Aquinnah tribe.

Jan. 2018U.S. Supreme Court declines to review the U.S. Court of Appeals decision.

Aug. 2018 – Tribe announces partnership with Global Gaming Solutions, owned by the Chickasaw nation, to develop a bingo hall on the Vineyard.

Feb. 2019 – Tribe announces that construction of bingo hall is under way on former Wiener property.