After some discussion, West Tisbury selectmen approved a list of 2019 events for the Agricultural Hall last Wednesday.

The list was unanimously approved only after two selectmen raised concerns that some of the events do not adhere to the intended purpose for the property.

In 1993, Island conservationists Edwin and Jeanne Woods sold the 23-acre parcel to the Agricultural Society at a discounted price and donated a preservation restriction to ensure that the property is only used for educational and agricultural purposes.

“I believe we’ve lost sight of what the Woods’s wishes were,” said selectman Jeffrey (Skipper) Manter, 3rd, of the proposed 2019 events.

The events include six weddings and Ag Society events such as the Meat Ball, a members potluck and the Agricultural Fair. A limited number of so-called incidental events, including the Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival drive-in movie, the Island Autism Group art show, two artisan fairs, and the Fresh off the Farm event drew objections from Mr. Manter, who recently contacted Stephen Small, the author of the preservation restriction, to clarify the family’s intentions.

“This list doesn’t reflect how they felt about the use of their property,” Mr. Manter said, adding that the Agricultural Society was a benefactor of the family’s generosity. “The Woods’s wishes should be paramount above everything else.”

Seleectman Kent Healy agreed. “The town promised the Woods that they would carry out their wishes, and I think the town should keep their promise,” he said.

A working group including representatives from the Agricultural Society, the town, the Vineyard Conservation Society, town counsel and the town’s conservation commission reviewed the 2019 events list to ensure they are in keeping with restrictions on the land. The agricultural preservation restriction on the property is jointly held by the Vineyard Conservation Society and the town conservation commission.

Board chairman Cynthia Mitchell said she would not consider Mr. Small’s input, noting it was not requested by the board. She also said she was satisfied with the working group’s findings.

“Who speaks for the Woods at this point are the conservation commission and Vineyard Conservation Society. The Woods sadly are not here to speak for themselves, nor really, even if they were, should they, because the property has changed hands. The process has moved forward,” Mrs. Mitchell said.

In the end all the events were approved.

Selectmen also approved an April 6 fundraiser at the Agricultural Hall for the Fischer family, who lost their barn and much of their livestock to a fire at Flat Point Farm.

Agricultural Hall events will continue to be reviewed on an annual basis, and town administrator Jen Rand said she is still working to come up with an efficient process for approvals.

“I’d like to continue to work to have a more streamlined permitting process for everyone for this facility,” Ms. Rand said.

In other business, selectmen approved a request for proposals to build two units of affordable housing where a former firehouse now stands on Old Courthouse Road. Several residents of the road said they worried the additional residents and their cars would clog the narrow roadway, especially as another possible development nearby known as Huseby Meadows is planned.

“It is the overarching feeling that these tiny little roads have very little access and you can’t get two cars coming and going at the same time,” said Nicole Cabot.

Selectmen said the request for proposals should specify that the affordable housing units be built in one structure, not two.

West Tisbury library director Beth Kramer said the library will again offer free child care services on the night of annual town meeting. Children can be dropped off at the library starting at 6:45 p.m. Town meeting begins at 7 p.m. at the West Tisbury School.

Selectmen also opted to start the process to install a level two dual head electric vehicle charger at the town library. There is a dual head charger at the town hall.