Hundreds of Islanders flocked to the Agricultural Hall in West Tisbury Saturday night for the Hay Barn Hoedown, a pot luck dinner and dancing benefit for Flat Point Farm.

“It was a wonderful outpouring of love and camaraderie for a hard-working farm family,” said Meg Athearn, one of the event’s organizers.

Half an hour before the event was due to begin, partygoers were already thronging to the front doors of the Ag Hall, covered dishes in hand.

Kate Taylor, Mike Benjamin and others headlined the music lineup. — Albert O. Fischer 3rd

A beaming John Alley slipped through the door and handed over his foil-covered dish, then took a seat on a nearby bench until it was time to go into the main hall. Jim Athearn, of Morning Glory Farm, was next, dropping off a large pan of his wife Debbie’s famous meat loaf before returning outside to wait his turn for admission.

Inside the building, about 40 volunteers bustled to get everything ready. Musicians set up their instruments on the stage in the main hall, where cloth-covered banquet tables stood ready for food and diners.

The center table was reserved for the Fischer family, whose Flat Point Farm lost nearly 100 animals, the main barn and a store of hay in a devastating fire March 19.

Once the doors opened at 5:30, Islanders streamed through the door, paying $25 — or much more — for an adult ticket (children were free).

“A lot of people that were coming through the door were giving us twice that,” said Kristina West, who began her job as Ag Society executive director last Monday.

“People were amazingly generous and it was a great time,” she said. “The support for the Fischers was heartwarming.”

Kristy Rose coordinated the volunteer team. Ms. West said one man spent four straight hours washing dishes, a smile on his face.

Traeger di Pietro organized an art sale with donated works by Island artists and a silent auction offered donated goods and services from Island businesses.

Sales were brisk.

Saturday evening was warm enough to open the barn doors to the main hall and place picnic tables on the grass outside.

The outdoor area also gave partygoers a place to cool off in between dancing to the bands, which included Kate Taylor, Mike Benjamin, Jeremy Berlin, Johnny Hoy & the Bluefish, Pickpocket, Phil DaRosa and the McMahon Bros.