Edgartown voters reelected longtime selectman Michael Donaroma and gave final approval for the restoration of the Katama Airfield hangar in the annual town election April 11.

Mr. Donaroma prevailed over challenger John Krowski 386-222 and will begin a sixth term as selectman.

“I guess I pulled out a victory — hallelujah,” he said when reached by phone after the votes were counted. “I’m glad to be back. I made a few promises at town meeting and I’m looking forward to working on them with the town.

“And of course, thank you to all.”

Mr. Donaroma played a leading role in the defeat of the housing bank on the town meeting floor on Tuesday night, arguing that the proposal was premature and needed more work and discussion, putting forward a plan for the coming year. In the only other contest on the ballot, Richard S. Knight easily won election to the Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank commission, beating Mr. Krowski, who also ran for the seat. The vote was 432-148.

And the long-planned Katama hangar project, which suffered narrow defeat in the ballot box last year, is back on track after voters agreed 354-267 to exempt $900,000 in spending from the state tax cap.

Voter turnout was light on a sunny but chilly April day, with 640 voters turning out to the polls out of 3,740 registered.

Three other Proposition 2 1/2 debt exemption questions also won easy approval, for the Morse street dock project, paving streets, and repairing sidewalks and bike paths.

Elected without contest were:

Donna L. Goodale, board of assessors, 518; Harold T. Zadeh, board of health, 503; William C Bishop 4th, constable, 537; Steven C. Jordan, finance advisory committee, 453; James K. Carter, finance advisory committee, 486; Justine Shemeth DeOliveira, library trustee, 512; Olga Church, library trustee, 466; Glen Searle, park commissioner, 539; Glen Searle, planning board, 511; Glen Searle, wastewater commissioner, 516; Kelly M. McCracken, school committee, 503; Scott Ellis, water commissioner, 543 (top vote-getter). Oak Bluffs In the lone contest in Oak Bluffs, longtime land bank commissioner Priscilla Sylvia was unseated by challenger Kristen B. Reimann 308-156. Total turnout was light, with 494 voters casting ballots out of 3,825 registered. A question to exempt the debt for spending on a feasibility study for the regional high school was rejected 296-138, but the outcome was moot because the spending had already been defeated on the town meeting floor Tuesday night.

Incumbent selectman Gail Barmakian was reelected with 344 votes.

Elected without contest were:

James D. Butterick, board of health, 376; Linda M. Wilson, cemetery commissioner, 362; David Oliveira, constable, 369; Colleen E. Morris, constable, 367; Richard D. Combra Jr., park commissioner, 376; T. Ewell Hopkins Jr., planning board (five-year term), 367; William F. Cleary 3rd, planning board (four-year term), 348; Michael J. Taus, finance and advisory committee, 311; Gregory Henry Thornton, finance and advisory committee, 268; Lisa A. Reagan, school committee, 384; William R. Alwardt, wastewater commissioner, 356; Duncan Ross, water district moderator, 369; Michael S. deBettencourt, water district commissioner, 403 (top vote-getter). West Tisbury

In West Tisbury turnout was extremely light with only one contest on the ballot, a three-way race for finance committee. Incumbent Doug Ruskin was reelected, while Clark Rattet outpaced Joseph Gervais for the second seat.

Incumbent selectman Cynthia Mitchell was reelected to an eighth term with 209 votes.

Total turnout was 264 out of 2,544 registered voters.

Elected without contest were:

Daniel A. Waters, moderator, 236; Jessica D. Miller, board of health, 229; Richard Neysa Cohen, board of assessors, 215; Tara J. Whiting-Wells, town clerk, 248 (top vote-getter); Jeremiah Brown, tree warden, 228; Frances A. Finnigan, library trustee, 222; Wayne Smith, library trustee, 191; Jane Dreeben, finance committee (one-year), 211; Mark C. Bernard, parks and recreation committee, 214; Virginia C. Jones, planning board, 216.

Noah Asimow and Landry Harlan contributed reporting.