Changes may be afoot on the Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road, as Edgartown selectmen heard a presentation Monday from Martha’s Vineyard Commission planner Dan Doyle about potential improvements to the oft-maligned artery.

“This is a project where we are thinking about reimagining the full 66-foot right of way for a portion of Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road,” Mr. Doyle told selectmen.

The proposal is to rethink the right of way and stormwater management on a small portion of the road with the intent of using the improved portion as an example of what further federal funding could provide, said Mr. Doyle, who is the special projects planner for the MVC. He said the genesis of the project goes back six years, when federal funding for an earlier Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) project expired because the town and state couldn’t agree on a new design.

This project would focus on a 0.4-mile stretch of Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road that extends just west of the Triangle, from Mariner’s Way to Clay Pit Road. The proposal includes moving all the stormwater drains or manholes from inside the roadway to the outside, widening the shared-use path and road shoulders, and staggering VTA bus stops to create a larger landing pad for riders.

“This should position the town to leverage some federal funding in the form of TIP projects in the future,” Mr. Doyle said.

Selectmen liked the project idea but also voiced some concerns.

“I would have a big concern about blocking views for people,” selectman Arthur Smadbeck said. Mr. Doyle and town administrator James Hagerty said the commission would work on the design of the project to limit view obstruction.

“It’d be great to get some TIP money,” Mr. Smadbeck said. “We just haven’t been able to get it because we haven’t had any shovel-ready projects.”

In other business Monday, selectmen heard a request from Norman Rankow of the firm Colonial Reproductions to block the sidewalk outside a home remodeling project on 66 North Water street. Mr. Rankow said the home was in an unstable condition and hat he would need to run heavy machinery in and out of the property for two or three days.

“It’s going to be traffic, and planks on the sidewalk,” the builder said. “I’m looking for some guidance here.”

Selectmen said they would hold a public hearing on the request next Tuesday, the day after Memorial Day.

They also approved two shade tree removals, at 38 Simpson’s Lane and 55 School street, as well as an electrical request from Eversource to run a conduit under 85 Pease’s Point Way.

They also granted Mad Martha’s request to block their sidewalk until Thursday at midnight, as long as no work happened on Friday.

“Nobody’s working on Friday,” selectman Margaret Serpa said. “I don’t care if you have to work until Thursday at ten.”