I write this on Monday, the first day of relief from the humidity. It was a great relief and the cool air was welcomed by most people I talked to. I know it won’t last long seeing it is only the beginning of August, but it was a welcome change.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Chimari Dockery, who celebrated her day August 3; Richarlyson Fernandes and Benjamin Sylvia August 4; Natalie Worley, August 5; Felipe Nascimento, August 6, and to Holly Little and Grace O’Hanlon who celebrated their day August 7.

Special birthday wishes go out to Floyd Norton, who celebrated his day August 5. I know it was a sunny warm day so I imagine he spent it out on the water in his boat fishing.

Congratulations to Jackie DaSilva who just passed her state boards and is now a registered nurse. She worked really hard so this is well deserved. Congratulations and we are all proud of you.

I can’t believe it is August, and that next week is Illumination, The Fair and Fireworks. It always seems to be the end of the summer when these all happen, but this year we still have two weeks left after the events.

My father’s favorite place was at the water with a fishing pole in his hand. I know that he loved to look at the sky at night and count the stars and I am sure that he missed many fish because he was too busy looking up and not at the pole. His other favorite place was Squid Row in Menemsha, and any chance he got he and my Mom were up there catching squid, and of course talking to Curly Carroll and all the other fishermen going for bait. I was often along for the ride and saw many sunsets while we were there — without all the fanfare there is now. That is where this story is going. Scott, my British son and his friends Christina and Mhairi, and Ellen and Ella Blodgett, got in the car and headed to Menemsha for the sunset last Wednesday.

What a difference. Lots of people walking around, shuttle buses bringing people in, lines out the doors for food at the fish markets, and the beach is crowded. It was a cloudy night so we did not actually see the sunset, but we had the idea and it was fun watching all the different people. Still, inside I was smiling, thinking of my parents in one of their favorite spots and how wonderful the sunsets were then also.

The 12th Annual Edgartown House Tour and Tea will take place on Tuesday, August 13 at 1:30 p.m., beginning at the Federated Church Meetinghouse with Historian Mary Jane Carpenter’s presentation on the historic importance of the homes on the tour. Then the guests will tour classic New England homes on South Water street, and tea will be served in a backyard waterfront overlooking Edgartown Harbor and Chappaquiddick. Tickets go on sale at 1 p.m. the day of the event, at the Federated Church Meetinghouse on 45 South Summer street. Parking is available at the Edgartown School parking lot. For more information, call 508-627-7077.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.

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