The weather is still warm but the breeze has helped keep it a little bearable. I know people don’t like it when I say we need rain but we need rain. The ground is dry and the ponds are going down so maybe we need it to rain at night then have sun during the day. That would be ideal.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons to Bryan Somas, who celebrated August 10; Achshaph Braz and Cameron Lavigne on August 11; Gabrielle Guimaraes, August 12, and Holden Graczykowski, who celebrated his day August 14.

People are buzzing that it is Fair week and Illumination, and fireworks, which to some, equals the end of the summer. But with five Fridays this month it gives us an extra week. So fear not. Relax and enjoy.

I was coming home from the car wash on Sunday and I drove by one of my favorite spots in Edgartown, the field after the pond and before Sweetened Water Farm. I spent many mornings and afternoons in that field, walking dogs and avoiding skunks. Even though the butterfly weed has faded the milk weed is still growing, which we need for the monarch butterflies, and with the sky so blue and a few billowy clouds in the sky and the church steeple just barely peeking above the hill, you can’t help but smile at nature and think how lucky we are to have such beauty. Then as you go by Norton Field you always look for the deer that roam through.

Through all this nature we are brought back to reality that there is a coyote on the Island. I would like to put out warnings for pet owners to keep their eyes open when walking their dogs near wooded areas and keep their eyes on their small animals that spend time outside.

Whatever you are doing these next couple of weeks, either staying here, going back to school or going home, please travel safe.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.

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