I will only repeat what I have heard all week from people and that is that we have had enough of this heat. I don’t think it is actually the heat but the humidity. Enough said.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Bordim, who celebrated her day August 18, to Victor Valentim on August 19 and to Harley Snowden who celebrated her day August 22.

I hope you all had a chance to get to some of the events last week. I went to the fair as it is always a good way to see people you have not seen in a while. I saw Ted and Judy Mayhew. It is always great to see them. Ted was my boss for a long time at Dukes County Savings Bank, and we all have many good memories from those days. Upon leaving he told me to behave, to which I responded that he and Kay Bettencourt tried real hard for twenty years to take care of that and I am still the same person. He smiled and walked away knowing he did have a big influence on my life. No matter how many years go by we all at Dukes were a great family, and we all still care about each other even though we don’t see each other all that often.

Debbie MacInnis and Liz Villard went to Boston on August 3 to see Chris Isaak, sandwiched in between seeing the last day of the Toulouse Lautrec exhibit at the museum and the Downton Abbey exhibit at the Castle Park Plaza in Boston. When they returned to the Island they raced up the hill to the Catherine Cornell Theater to see the comic opera Die Fledermaus. Debbie said they felt culturally fulfilled but very tired.

Next Monday 10 members of the last graduating class (1959) from Edgartown High School will gather for their class reunion at a cocktail party hosted by Eddie Belisle’s widow, Janice Belisle, at Kitt’s Field. On Tuesday the class members will collect for lunch at the Anchor’s, just as they did 10 years ago. Afterwards some may hike up the street to the Carnegie, which was their public library during school years, and that evening several will enjoy the music at the new library which replaced their old school building. Coming from off-Island are Donald Berube and his wife Jayne, Laurie Doucette Sylvia, Jean Francis Laramee and George Willoughby. They will be joined by Bobby Burnham and his wife Yvonne, Judy Prada Counsell, Janet Smith Cuetera, Margaret O’Neil Serpa, Wendy Richard Rose and Pat Tyra. Unable to join classmates are Jimmy Santos and his wife Pat, due to a medical appointment in Florida.

On Sunday from 8:30 to 11 a.m., the 14th annual blueberry pancake breakfast, an annual fundraiser for the Martha’s Vineyard Cancer Support Group, will take place at the Federated Church parish house in Edgartown. The breakfast consists of blueberry pancakes with syrup, bacon or sausage and a beverage. the cost is $12 per adult, $6 per child and $30 for families with children. This event is a mission project of the Federated Church. All are welcome. For information call 508-627-4421 or email officefederatedchurchmv@gmail.com

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.

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