I won’t talk about the weather here because at this time the Bahamas are getting a beating from Dorian and all of our thoughts and prayers are with them. We will be watching closely.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated this past week. Big balloons go out to Marc Lacerda, who celebrated Sept. 5, and to Talia Estrella, who celebrates today, Sept. 6.

Congratulations to Jim and Debbie Athearn, who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on August 30.

The Athearns and family and friends gathered at the Community Center in Chilmark for an evening of love, laughter, music and fun. Congratulations and here is to many more years together. I cannot say I see a big change in town. The traffic seems somewhat the same and the Stop and Shop was still crazy. The derby will be starting soon and town will still be busy.

I have been watching the teachers coming and going from school getting ready for the children to arrive for the past week.

Robyn Maciel posted her girls, exhausted after a full day off-Island school shopping, with Izzy and Kayleigh sleeping next to many bags in the car.

Barbara Magnuson was with her granddaughters Maddy, and Mallory. Such great times and memories made. I know after watching these girls grow up they are fashionistas, and they know what they want and how good it is going to look on them. They are awesome. Have a great week and keep the home candles burning. Remember to keep an eye out for school children.