After days of watching the TV and following closely the path of Dorian, we were very thankful he went out to sea. Yes we got rains and wind but nothing like it could have been. We are still watching the devastation of the Bahamas and know we were lucky.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Simone Albino and Jackson Munson who celebrated their day Sept. 7; Kimberly Marques, Sept. 8; Mylee Medeiros and Kahila Nascimento, Sept. 9; Anina Garvin, Sept. 10, Olympia Currier, Sept. 11, and Kensington Sees, Sasha Currier Tolay, Isaac Trance,and Elijah Yourmans, who celebrated their day Sept. 12.

The mums are here and the kale and cabbage and peppers, the kids are back to school, the Derby badges are at the tackle shops, the tour buses are back, you can sleep at night because it is cool, Nessy and her baby are gone from the pond on the way to Oak Bluffs, and the days are getting shorter—I think fall is almost here.

I was coming out of Granite last week, and they were unloading the truck of supplies. As I walked by I glanced in the truck and there before my eyes was a box saying Christmas tree. I was already sweating from the heat but I swear I broke out in a cold sweat thinking that it was still summer and Christmas decorations were here. I came home and started thinking and looked at the calendar and counted 15 paychecks until Christmas. As a kid that sounded like forever, but in adult hood that is not a lot of time. So here we go again. Maybe one present a week and it won’t be so bad when the holidays are here. The challenge is on.

The Edgartown Library’s south vestibule entrance has a new container for recycling items being collected by the Martha’s Vineyard League of Women Voters. Working with Planet Green Recycle, the LWV is collecting a variety of printer cartridges and other small electronics to be recycled (and to raise money for the League). If you have questions call Kristi Strahler at 508-627-6429.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.