Two years ago five Oak Bluffs police officer families gave birth to five babies in five months. The men and their children posed in July of 2017 on the steps in front of the Oak Bluffs police department.

Now the babies are two, and the annual photo shoot featured some tears as well as smiles. Balloons were passed around to distract the little ones but they had no effect on Gunner, son of Bonnie Kingsbury and officer Seth Harlow.

“Hold on, I’m bringing him the froggy. If it makes him smile, who cares,” said Ms. Kingsbury.

Gunner was not the only toddler happy to have his toy back. Julian, son of officer Tim and René Millerick, was reunited with Peppa Pig.

“I think you left this at our house months ago,” said Morgan Shaw, mother of Lowen and wife of Island state trooper and former Oak Bluffs officer Dustin Shaw.

Sitting beside Lowen was Lark LaBell, daughter of Missie and Jeff LaBell.

As the children continued to fuss while getting their picture taken, the moms and dads cracked jokes and enjoyed the time with their children.

Alessandra Hagerty, mother to William and wife of James Hagerty, held another balloon in her hand.

“Can I get a smile? A laugh? Tough crowd over here,” she said.