An Arresting Development; Toddler Time for the Boys in Blue
Maia Coleman
It’s business as usual on Friday morning at the Oak Bluffs police station except for the five toddlers roaming around the station’s front steps.
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Boys in Blue Meet the Terrible Twos
Caroline Kaplan
Two years ago five Oak Bluffs police officer families gave birth to five babies in five months.
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Boys in Blue Detained At Daddy Day Care
Noah Asimow
Last year officers in the Oak Bluffs department had a baby a month from March to May, and then two arrived in July. Now they are toddlers.
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Five Officers, Five Babies, No Relief in Keeping the Peace
Vivian Ewing
Five babies in five months for four Oak Bluffs police officers and one state trooper. “I guess the stars aligned,” said Officer James Hagerty.
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