Work began this week on a project to repair a longstanding drainage problem on County Road in Oak Bluffs.

Construction began on Tuesday; the road will be closed on Oct. 21, 22 and 23, the highway department said.

Highway superintendent Richard Combra Jr. said the drainage problem has caused a large puddle to form during and after heavy rain events. The puddle often spans the width of the road and sometimes runs 125 feet long, posing a safety hazard for drivers, Mr. Combra said.

This is not the first time the highway department has attempted to solve the problem. Mr. Combra said the first public works project began 10 years ago but ultimately failed, as evidenced by the large puddle.

“The system wasn’t designed properly,” he said. “It didn’t have the ability to remove silt and sand from the rain that washes in, so the system failed after about 10 years.”

He continued: “It took about a year to get this plan designed and funded, and we are finally getting underway.”

He said now the highway department will install a new drainage field with infiltrated chambers and repaving parts of the road.

“This system is a lot bigger and designed a lot better,” he said. “Basically, it can handle a lot more water.”

The budget for the project ranges between $413,000 and $460,000 and will come from state highway funds, town officials said.

“We want it fixed before it begins to freeze,” Oak Bluffs town administrator Robert Whritenour told the Gazette. “We are confident that this is going to be a big step forward for the town and very noticeable improvement for all motorists.”