I’m not one to ever complain about rain. I firmly stand by that statement after following the week’s news about all the wild fires in California — what a nightmare for those people. A few weeks ago I mentioned that I and I alone am responsible for my lifestyle choices. How I wish I could place the blame elsewhere. I have committed myself to way too many tasks. Back in the day, people really did need to prepare for winter. I think of the old Thanksgiving hymn “All is safely gathered in - ere the winter storms begin.” At any rate, I am canning, bringing in plants, “harvesting” pigs and chickens, and stressing that my garlic bulbs are in need of planting. They sit accusingly on my kitchen counter. In this day and age I could drive myself to the store and buy a mango for Pete’s sake.

There are many mysteries in life. I’m always amazed and/or amused. For example, why do the windshield wipers always fail to work exactly at the eye level of the driver? I promise, that’s my last rainy week comment for the rest of the column.

Last winter I started several flats of perennials. I divided them into larger containers less than an inch apart. As it tends to do, time got away from me so I tossed all those plants undivided into the ground. Nature, being grand, all of them are now blooming — echinacea, gaillardia, holly hocks and lavender. Needles to say they are completely crowded but don’t seem to mind.

The dahlias are still performing. One year I decorated the Thanksgiving table with them. Remember, they need a frost before they can be lifted and stored.

I attempted some peanuts this year. They make a pretty little plant in the pea family. The peanuts are produced on the ends of their roots. One package produced enough to cover the bottom of a dinner plate (only one layer). Oh well.

Last week I mentioned that thousands of baby kale plants reseeded in my hoophouse. They are about four inches tall. I’ve started actually “weeding” them, cutting off the roots, and putting them in smoothies. I’m trying to find a path through them. These are all the Red Russian cultivar. Even the parent plants are continuing to produce. I see no further purchasing of seeds in my future. How fun is that?

I wonder how many pounds of candy the residents of Halloween central in Vineyard Haven must buy? Several years ago a friend on Spring street said over a thousand came to his house. Nice to see the streets are closed to cars. This was not so when my children were small and safety was of concern.

Trump’s questionably credible account of the death of Abu Bakr al -Baghdadi was predictable. As usual he was boastful, made it about himself and somehow blamed Obama. I found the details unnecessary and somewhat gleeful.

This brings me somehow to the baseball game. Although DJT’s behavior is undeniably boo-able, I find it disturbing that we as Americans in a crowd boo anyone. Granted he has set the stage for the “lock ‘em up” chant. Again, let me quote Elijah Cummings: “We’re better than that.”

Speaking of better, wasn’t it refreshing, calming and presidential to have Bill Clinton and Barack Obama speaking at the funeral for Elijah Cummings? Obama even got Jim Jordon and Mark Meadows to smile.