I am sitting here watching the weather as I write this and it is saying it will be cold, perhaps record breaking. I don’t know if we are ready for this and it brings to mind if we are record breaking now what is it going to be the rest of this winter? Maybe a white Christmas?

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Sienna Crowell, Evan Donnelly and Demyen Heil, who all celebrated Nov. 9; Hevelyn Dias, Jameson Whitmarsh, Nov. 10; Caleb Guerrero, Nov. 11; Juliet Merrill, Nov. 12; John Chandler, Mylena Silva, Nov. 14; and to Richard Worley who celebrates his day today, Nov. 15.

A few weeks ago I started warning you that Christmas is coming faster than you think. Well, this week the greens come in, meaning roping wreaths, candle holders, etc. Then next week are the Poinsettias and trees. The smell of balsam will be in the air and the spirit will begin.

Brooke Raymond inquired on Facebook if there would be interest in a travel group. This would be a group of women going to an event for one day a month. Well she got enough interest for her to go forward with some events and the maiden trip was Sunday. We went to Boston to the Christmas Festival.

There were 21 of us and we loaded onto the boat and then the bus, which was an awesome ride that delivered us to the Trade Center for our four hours of shopping at all the booths, each with their specialties. On the bus ride home we filled the air with Christmas Carols. It was a fun day, with some serious shopping and lots of old friends and more importantly some new friends. Next stop the Mansions in Newport decorated for Christmas. It will be a great winter.

There was a big group of ladies from Martha’s Vineyard Bank. Being a retired Dukes County Savings employee, I knew most of these ladies and always enjoyed their company. So on the bus ride up I started to reflect on our Dukes Days and the fun we had both at work and sometimes after. On Friday evenings after work, a lot of us would go to a local place and have a few cocktails and some dinner. We always behaved ourselves but had a lot of fun. But the best part was when we left the bank that afternoon. We would be lined up in the hall waiting for the word that we could go because everything proved out, and Kay Bettencourt, who was our boss and avid scanner listener, would come out to the front of the line knowing we were on our way out for some fun. she would announce to us “To remember where we worked and remember she knew our license plate numbers.”

We would laugh but we knew that she meant every word.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.

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