Here we are the last week of November and we have had all kinds of different weather this month. We had wind rain, and yes even a little snow. But Monday the weather was perfect—just warm enough, with no wind and the sky was that beautiful blue. Now let us see what December brings us.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Willow Rosebeck who celebrated her day Nov. 23; Griffin Craig, Nov. 25; Jack Oteri, Nov. 26; Emma Cekala and Eloah Zotti, Nov. 27; Ava Townes, Nov. 28; and to Hugo Callen and Felype Da Silva who celebrated Nov. 29.

Special birthday wishes go out to Bill Connelly who celebrated his 90th birthday this week. Bill celebrated his day in Connecticut with his wife Joanne and his four children and nine grandchildren. Happy birthday Bill and here is too many more.

By the time you read this you are probably enjoying the favorite leftover sandwich of all time — turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce a little mayo on bread.

Yum, well at least that is my opinion. At any rate I hope you all enjoyed your day.

Now the dash is on to get the presents, wrap them and deliver them or get them in the mail. Then there is the decorating and getting the tree. I am tired just writing about it. But like every year we will get it done.

The decorating at the nursery is on in full force. The poinsettias are in, the greens, the garland, the swags, the wreaths and most important the trees. Every year we all wait to see who comes in first for the big trees. It is almost tradition for two of our customers to come in and mark their tree.

Every year the town trees go up and we have Tom Bassett and his crew who have been putting the lights on the town trees for many years. When I was working at the bank we would watch as Tom and his father Gordon would string all the lights on the tree perfectly. So it has been many years for the Bassett family doing the lights and we thank them for the years of dedication.

I am always happy to add you all to this column. If you had family or company for Thanksgiving and would like to tell us something special or funny that happened, please feel free to email me to share. People are always shy but you may put a smile on someone face. So please email anytime with your story.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.