It is raining and the wind has died down as I write this early in the week. Now we are waiting to see if the snow is going to arrive like they are predicting or if we get more rain. Either way it has been a lot of work for the forecasters. I am getting a little nervous about the rest of the winter.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Sarah Ribeiro and Emmett Sylva who celebrated Dec. 3; Katherine Conover, Dec. 5; and to James Thornton who celebrates his day Dec. 6.

I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving. I can’t say it was uneventful as there were many visitors on the Island and a few off-Island when just after 1 p.m. the boats were canceled for the day. That caused some havoc for some that needed to get back for work.

Jack and Dee Butynski had a house full, including their daughter Kaitlyn and son in law Casey Leber and their two boys Connor and Aiden; their son Seth and his wife Theresa Butynski and their son Andrew; their other son Lucas and his wife Emily. Also joining them was Dee’s brother Chris and his wife Leslie, their daughter Cassidy and husband Tony Jackson, and son Christopher and his girlfriend Allie. Joyce Look was also there with her son Jake Murphy, and Tony’s uncle Paul Schultz.

Now that Thanksgiving is over there is some serious decorating going on. The wreaths are going on doors, the trees are on their stands along Main street, houses are doing their lights outside, and trees are getting put up in houses. Everything is going to look beautiful.

Next weekend is the big event in Edgartown. If you are going to participate in the activities, my advice is to get a schedule and see what you want to do. I was looking at the forecast and it looks like a warm weekend, a chance of rain, but nothing major. There are so many things going on but don’t forget to start with us at Donaromas Friday night to start things off. Whatever you do have a great time and enjoy yourselves.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.