A federal lawsuit brought by a former Chilmark police officer who claimed she was tricked into resigning from her job after she cut off a several-year sexual relationship with the former police chief has been settled out of court.

Police chief Brian Cioffi resigned abruptly in December 2016 after seven years in the post. He said at the time he wanted to pursue other business opportunities and spend more time with his family. He later served briefly as a special police officer in Tisbury.

In October 2018, Elizabeth S. Gebo filed a complaint in U.S. District Court against Mr. Cioffi and the town of Chilmark alleging sex and disability discrimination.

In the 22-page complaint, she said Mr. Cioffi lured her into an affair beginning in 2011 when she was working as a special officer under his supervision. She was appointed as a full-time officer in June 2012. They carried on a volatile on-and-off sexual relationship until August 2014 during which her mental health deteriorated. She was ultimately granted a one-year medical leave of absence by the selectmen in January 2015.

Ms. Gebo entered a voluntary mental health treatment program, then decided she wanted to return to work after her leave expired.

In November 2015, she met with Chief Cioffi who told her that her history of mood disorders automatically made her unqualified to be a police officer. Relying on that statement which she later learned was untrue, she resigned.

In her complaint, she claimed his false statement had the effect of denying her employment and was in retaliation for her refusal to continue their sexual relationship and to stay quiet about it.

In court documents, attorneys for the town and Mr. Cioffi argued that the allegations were not made within the time period allowed by law.

The case was referred by the court to mediation before Magistrate Judith G. Dein, who reported on Dec. 20 that a settlement had been reached. The case was closed on Dec. 23.

In a brief statement issued Monday, Chilmark selectmen said: “Our former police chief resigned. We moved on and chose a new police chief. We are very pleased with the leadership our new chief has shown in our community.”