It is January and we are feeling warm weather. Sunday was so nice even with the wind. It was a great day to take down outside Christmas decorations.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Jamily Dias, who celebrated Jan. 12, Mya Smith and Rafael Souza, Jan. 13, Hailey Waters, Jan. 14, Ashley Cardosa, Rafaela Monico, and Danika Peters, who all celebrated Jan. 16, and to Emily Barbosa who celebrates her day today, Jan. 17.

I usually explain my ending line of “Keep the home candles burning” at the end of the year. For those who just started reading the column and for those of you who follow me, I am sorry for the repeat. But with everything that is happening now and more troops leaving for overseas, I feel the more people that put lights in their windows, just maybe it will guide more home safely.

When I was young, my parents would decorate the house and put different colored candles in the window. But in the front window on the right side of the sidewalk they always put a white light. I asked why they did not go with the rest of the colors and they said it was shining to guide my brothers, one in the Navy and the other in the Marines, home safely. I always remembered it every year and thought if it helped my brothers, why not others. Only now I keep the light going year round. We have so many men and women serving our country right now, I feel it is the least I could do.

Things are certainly quiet in Edgartown. I went to the store the other day and almost saw no cars, went to the Stop and Shop and I almost enjoyed it.

With the quietness around us, most are happy to spend time at home and do some catching up on reading, housework, finish those craft projects you have put away for the right day, or just clean out the closets. However, if you decide you need to get out of the house, the Edgartown Library has some great activities, movies and demonstrations. You can find them online or if you are out and about, check them out. Also, Felix Neck has some events happening. I will list more in the following columns.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.