The Barn Bowl and Bistro’s new takeout window will be about 15 square feet in area. But the small window had outsized implications for the Martha’s Vineyard Commission on Thursday night, which decided to conditionally approve the modification in a divided 9-4 vote, while noting concerns from neighbors.

Built just off Uncas avenue in Oak Bluffs in 2015, the bowling alley and restaurant has developed into a hot year-round gathering spot with a surprisingly large take away business, according to owner Sam Dunn. Last December, Mr. Dunn came before the commission to propose a takeout window that would better help accommodate that business, which he said serviced about 10 to 15 residents a day, year-round.

The window is a minor modification to a kitchen addition approved last winter.

But the success of the bowling alley has created concerns for Uncas avenue neighbors. At a public hearing, commissioners peppered Mr. Dunn with questions about traffic and congestion at the site.

In the past two months, neighbors have submitted letters to the MVC outlining issues with noise, concerns that the bowling alley has not adhered to previous conditions, and fears that the take-out window would increase traffic.

“Is there no end to the encroachments on the quality of our neighborhood and our right to quiet enjoyment?” wrote abutter Diane Streett. “Please reject the Barn’s latest request to add a takeout window.”

In his proposal, Mr. Dunn made numerous offers in response to the concerns, including a promise that the window would not be advertised, that it would not service in-person orders and that it would close at 9 p.m. daily. But on Thursday night all three Oak Bluffs representatives — Fred Hancock, Gail Barmakian and Richard Toole — as well as commissioner Jim Vercruysse, said the proposed change was a step too far for a business that had already sandwiched itself into a crowded mix-use neighborhood.

“I’m concerned about the increased traffic that this window would potentially draw,” Mr. Hancock said. “I think this pushes this project over the point where it is unacceptable. I think it is too much.”

Mr. Vercruysse was also concerned about the volume of complaints from neighbors.

“The neighbors are almost universally opposed to this,” he said. “I think this is a step to far for this property.”

Other commissioners felt differently, believing the minor modification would actually ease traffic flow for the takeout business.

“I think the window is fine. They already do take-out business, and this is just going to make it work a little better for them,” Ben Robinson said. “We’re making a big deal out of a piece of business that they are already doing.”

Ernie Thomas agreed.

“I just think that the window is an advantage,” he said. “It’s going to allow people to stop, run up to the window, grab their food, and go away.”

After about 45 minutes of discussion, bowling alley spokesmen offered a sunset compromise, promising to return to the commission in two years for a re-evaluation of the take-out window .

Mr. Hancock, Ms. Barmakian, Mr. Toole and Mr. Vercruysse voted against the measure, while nine members of the commission voted in favor. The yes votes included Clarence Barnes, Christina Brown, James Joyce, Joan Malkin, Kathy Newman, Ben Robinson, Bob Doyle, Ernie Thomas and Doug Sederholm.