I was at the Stop & Shop last week and met up with a customer from Donaroma’s and we commented on how nice the weather has been and she looked at me and smiled and said yes but we need rain. I have to say I agreed with her as we have had no snow or much rain to keep the ground wet and help those spring flowers that are waiting to show their little heads. I do know that some people have posted that they have greens showing on some of their bulbs.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Harper Kelly, Camden Townes and Geovane Meike, who celebrated their day Feb. 8, Liam Decker and Isabella Hill Feb. 9, Davi Coelho and Damon Reed Feb. 10, Franchesca Carlos Feb. 11, Kayleigh Boyd Feb. 12, and to Phillip Oliveira, who celebrated his day Feb. 13.

I am happy to report that Jonathan Polleys is home and recuperating. But with that being said, Tina, his wife had a little excitement when she was trying to get breakfast Thursday morning. Seems she was in getting her food when a security guard came up to her and told her she had to leave the area because there was an active shooter outside the building. She said well how I pay for my food and the lady at the counter told her to “just take it.” She made her way back to Jon’s room safely thank goodness. You never know what one day will bring.

I am staying with my greatniece Amanda and her husband Thom as they await the birth of their third child, a baby girl, helping with their two boys. Oliver is 3 and a half and Jonah will be 2 on March 11. Now I was raised by older parents, I guess you could say, and when it was time for “The Talk” I got a very short answer and a book. I was not inhibited by any means. So when Oliver came up to me very open and asked me if I had a certain women’s part I kept my composure and answered truthfully. I then learned all about the anatomy of men and women and that Mom had his baby sister in her belly that she didn’t eat to get it there and was a little confused on how it was going to come out. I guess he has been on a few doctor’s visits with Mom and had many questions for the doctor while he was there. I giggled to myself thinking what my parents would have to say about this. By the time you read this his baby sister will be here and I am sure there will be many more questions.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.